Thursday, February 2, 2012

Character Profile - Sam Fletcher

—Name: Samantha Merilynn Fletcher —Race:Half-Elven —Gender: Female

—Class: Ranger —Height: 5'6" —Eyes: Brown —Hair: Auburn







Sense Motive
Craft (Boyer)

Thirteen gods you all stink. I’m going to wipe my blade off on your shirt, but I can’t see how you’d complain. I wipe my knife off on his shirt and sure enough, no protest. I stand and look around me as I slide the blade back into it’s sheath. Two orcs dead thirty paces north, an arrow in one’s chest and another in the other’s eye. Three more dead, surrounding me. One with an arrow in the throat, the other two with numerous slash wounds. I double-checked myself for wounds; nothing threatening, but a good sized cut in my armor. Damn, I’ll need to see a leather worker in the next town.

I began uphill toward the two fallen to see if I could retrieve the arrows. No reason to waste them. My father was a fletcher, and I learned the trade from watching him. My step-mother had always wanted me to be a lady.

I pulled the arrow out of his eye socket and examined the head, yeah I’m really not much of a lady. I wiped the arrow off on my trousers and slid it back into the quiver. The one in the orc’s chest was a lost cause snagged on his ribs.

I took a moment to admire my handiwork, before rifling through their pouches and gear for anything I could use. Orcs are a blight on the forest, but there’s no standing bounty on their ears. Some shoddy arrows, a few coins, a hefty axe, and a string of ears. Trophies I guess, no markings to dictate them as bounty rewards. Three humans, a dwarf, and a halfling.

Can’t help but think of Tobin, little Tobin who gave me my first bow. Tobin who came back to my fathers shop for short arrows ever two months, who when he found that Samuel, my father, had broken the bow he gave me taught me how to make one so that I wouldn’t ever be without a bow. It can’t be his ear, it has no piercings and Tobin wore three silver rings in each ear.

“Well that’s enough nostalgia. I’ve got a bugbear cave to find.” Great, I’m talking to myself. Yeah, that’s healthy. I decide to keep the axe with me head back to the trail I’d been following before this ambush became a nice, neat little pay bonus

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