Thursday, February 2, 2012

Character Profile - Roscoe Redbottle

—Name: Roscoe Redbottle —Race:Halfling —Gender: Male

—Class: Rogue —Height: 3'4” —Eyes: Blue —Hair: Brown







Disable Device
Escape Artist
Handle Animal
Sleight of Hand
Use Magic Device

“I don’t know what he was thinking Phillip, this is a piece of cake.”

Phillip just stared blankly at me.

“Oh don’t give me that lip. I let you carry all sorts of magic, so don’t act like this is less than the perfect situation for us. We are not having this argument again.”

Phillip continued to stare; I turned away and slid the second hook into the lock. The familiar click of the tumbler fell resounded through my perfectly pointed ears.

“See Phillip, piece of cake. Now hand me the last hook and the jewels are ours.”

Phillip blinked, climbed up my bandoleer and pulled another hook from my belt with his teeth. He then climbed back down and passed the hook to my hand.

“What a good rat you are Phillip. See we’re lucky to have each other. Dad wanted me to be a wizard. ‘Follow in the family,’ he said. Please.” I took the hook and scratched behind his right ear.

“This thief work is good for us. It pays just as well, nowhere near as much schooling, and look at you. You could have been stuck as a familiar, a lackey to my wizardly whims, but no, I thought more of you than that. Now you’re my partner buddy.”

Phillip just stared at me. He does that, but it’s not like I expect him to talk. I already knew what he meant.

“Sure, the classmates would have been fun, but we’ll make new friends. Just you watch, with our new little ‘trust fund’ we can afford to go see the world and have adventures.” The last tumbler snapped into place and the lock clicked open. I began to open the box with my perfectly agile hands, but my keen eyes saw the edge of the rune.

“whoah, that was close. Okay, time for some of that magic you love Phillip.” He just stared out of his beady eyes at me. “Pass me the solvent, pouch three, garlic cork.”

Phillip scurried back up to my belt. My head was starting to get a bit of a rush from hanging like this, but my legs weren’t even tired. That’s the amazing halfling strength for you. I’d used different oils and herbs to scent the bottles since Phillip is color blind, and sure enough he brought me the arcane solvent. I run a couple drops down one of my lock hooks and it sizzles across the alarm rune.

“Fantastic,” I slide the box open and see the four gems delicately laid on the red plush interior of the lock box. I delicately draw each gem out of the box, handing them off to Phillip, “put them in pouch one Phillip.” Sure enough he carries each one into my bottom-fed pouch, which I’d set up for just such a situation. I’m such a genius.

I pulled my body upright and swayed on the rope for a moment, “What a rush. C’mon Phillip.” He climbed up onto my right shoulder and I climbed back up the rope. Once I reached the roof I untied the rope from my ankle and gathered it back up and into my pack. By the time they discovered the theft I’d be long gone.

“Let’s go Phillip, now our adventures can really begin!”

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