Thursday, February 2, 2012

Character Profile - Lawrence, Son of Logos

—Name: Lawrence, Son of Logos —Race:Human —Gender: Male

—Class: Witch —Height: 5'8” —Eyes: Grey —Hair: Blonde







Use Magic Device
Sense Motive

The fire crackled in the early morning and Ignish, my red-tailed raven, stood on the ground warming his feathers. Challa laid in her bedroll on the other side of the fire and slept eerily quiet. I looked down at him and spoke in the pops, hisses, and low groans which make the Ignan language of fire elementals.

“Challa is dangerous Ignish. I know she sought us to cover her back on these adventures, but I can’t help being unsettled. Orcs aren’t supposed to be that smart.”

Ignish turned his head toward me and stared.

“The way she handles things, it’s a threat. We gave her a ten second head-start on the cave and she killed an Ogre. What’s more, she did it without a scratch. That’s not just strength, she’s smart. Smart enough to have learned magic I bet. Our magic is great, but how can we be certain she won’t turn on us? Perhaps we should handle her first.”

Ignish stared at me and responded in the same pops and hisses, “Well that’s just stupid.”


“Killing Challa. Stupid. Her axe is like an extension of her body. She’s not some berserker who mutilates the dead for trophies, that girl has been trained by a master axeman. Yes she’s smart, and that’s just fine. Smart allies are worth more because they’re less likely to be swayed by greed or clever words. Of all the stupid things I’ve heard from you this is one of the worst.”

“Ouch. I’m plenty smart you know. I’m just concerned for our mostly squishy hides. I’d rather not get an axe in the back when she decides she wants to keep our share of the loot.”

“Oh yeah, you’re a real genius.” I swear his beak literally dripped with sarcasm.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You’re learning magic from a bird.”

“A bird who speaks Ignan.”

“Alright, an exceptionally smart bird who know magic spells, but still you are being mentored by a being who’s greatest weakness is something shiny.”

“You never fail to insult yourself as much as you do me Ignish.”

“That’s what makes us a good team Larry.”


“I’ll call you what I want, apprentice.”

“Sure thing Iggy.”

“I will teach you a spell to make your head implode and tell you it creates a protective shield.” Ravens aren’t supposed to be able to give death-glares, but Ignish was giving a remarkable attempt.

“Then who’d you teach magic to?”

“You said the orc was smart.”

My jaw dropped. I don’t think I’ll ever call him Iggy again, but then again we’ve gone at it like this since we first met and he started to teach me.

Challa shifted her shoulders inside her bedroll, “Stop talking to the fire Larry, it’s starting to sound annoyed.”

Ignish gave a peel of caws that sounded all to similar to laughter, and I once again found my mouth agape. “Sorry Challa, I thought you were sleeping.”

“Not with you talking all morning to the campfire. Weird language.”

“I’ll try to be quieter, also I prefer to be called Lawrence.”

“That’s nice, I’d prefer to be asleep, but I guess we can’t always have what we want Larry.”

Ignish laughed again. I’m telling you, some times I feel like I get no respect.

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