Thursday, February 2, 2012

Character Profile - Challa Axeborne

—Name: Challa Axeborne —Race:Half-Orc —Gender: Female

—Class: Fighter —Height: 5'11” —Eyes: Brown —Hair: Black







Sense Motive

An Ogre stands roughly 12 feet tall, which gives it an arm length of approximately four-and-a-half feet; The tree trunk he’s swinging looks to be around 8 feet long, and is probably adding another 7 feet to his reach. The amount of force he can carry in a single downward blow could shatter the bones of most men even with armor; suggested strategy: Don’t let him hit me.

I circled the creature, rolled my shoulders in loose circles as gripped my axe, and waited for him to swing. When the tree came down I spun to my left, feeling the wind and smelling the freshly up-rooted soil as it missed by inches, and took off circling to his right immediately. He lifted the trunk and began to sweep to his left to catch me as I ran behind him. He’s big, but not terribly bright.

I jump and kick off the trunk as it comes around to me, rotating my weight in a mid-air roll and coming down with the axe into the side of his neck as I soar past. 11 feet is plenty of space to place my strike as I reached him. The axe lodged into his spine and the blade rotated as my weight pulled, drawing the gash even wider and spraying the dark, thick blood around the darkened cave. I stumbled as I landed, his body shaking the ground a moment after my boots touched down. “And down you go.”

A light appeared at the entrance to the cavern and Lawrence surveyed the wreckage that the ogre had become in the dark.

“Thirteen gods Challa, you sure know how to make a mess.”

“Larry! What took you so long? You missed out on all the fun.” I took the brown sash from around my waste and added the Ogre’s blood to it as I wiped my axe clean. Overall, this was just another day, and I love being an adventurer.

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